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STEM Evaluation Rubric

Click image for the full-scale rubric

Click image for the full-scale rubric

The STEM Instructional Resource Evaluation rubric is a guide for the development and evaluation of instructional resources with STEM activities to be incorporated in school-based, work-based, family-based, community-based learning environments. The purpose of this rubric is to promote rich opportunities for development of critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication (4C) skills through the use of quality, well-designed, and intentional instructional resources.

The rubric is simple – just four criteria – and can be used as a planning tool when creating new experiences, activities or lessons with youth. The rubric was developed to have application for all kinds and levels of teachers, parents, community partners and businesses. It can also be used to evaluate existing materials or activities to help identify where improvement can be made.

For inquires on receiving training or advice on using the rubric, please use the Contact page.

A student demonstrates usage of a drone at school

Reviewed Materials

In time, this site will host samples or links to samples of instructional materials that have been reviewed by one or more Nebraska STEM Fellow(s) accompanied with their completed evaluation(s).

If you have materials you would like to be reviewed and considered for inclusion on this site, please use the Contact page.