Alicia Davis

Alicia DavisAlicia Davis is an 8th grade mathematics teacher at Scott Middle School in Lincoln, Nebraska. Much of her role as a mathematics teacher is to design meaningful learning experiences for her students that develop their ability to make sense of problems, persevere in solving them and communicate their reasoning to others.   Prior to the STEM summer experience, Alicia was recognized by her peers as a leader in mathematics and was implementing many of the instructional strategies discussed in her classroom on a daily basis. The STEM summer experience really pushed her to consider how she was connecting her work in mathematics with other disciplines. Alicia has made an effort to collaborate with other disciplines and become aware of their curriculum. While still a work in progress, she has implemented new tasks in her classroom with direct connections to concepts being taught in science and physical education. Alicia will bring her work as a STEM fellow to her new role as a Nebraska TEAMS teacher leader. This opportunity will enable Alicia to share the knowledge she has gained as a result of the STEM summer experience with other educators from across the state. In her spare time, Alicia is an avid sports fan and enjoys serving as a chauffeur for her children. She lives in Lincoln, Nebraska with her husband and three children.


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